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Addicaid is a reinvention of the current treatment model for those who struggle with addiction and the healthcare professionals who help them.

Addicaid's personalized products cater to unique relationships with substance and process addictions. Here, you can find any support groups, connect with people like you, and stay inspired along the way. Find and rate meetings, track your progress, and connect with others and make your recovery exactly how you want it to be.

Set goals

Staying motivated is no easy feat, but keeping a record of daily achievements makes it that much easier. We give you a prompt everyday that you can write or record how you will accomplish it.

Track your progress

With a private, anonymous profile,track your goals and meeting activity. Listen and read previous entries, see your saved meetings, check-ins, and set notifications to your calendar for favorite groups.

Get to meetings

Being around people who share our struggles and successes is one of the most important parts of recovery. Addicaid gives you the tools to get to the right meetings at the right time.

Complete a goal a day.

It's important to stay motivated and highlight a daily achievement. We give you a prompt everyday that you can write or record how you will accomplish it.

Write / Record your response

Read / listen to responses

Daily notifications

Track your progress

See the daily goal archive on Score.Addicaid

Get to the support groups that are right for you.

We have over 20 different types of support groups in our national database. Use our map to see which meetings are happening soon and quickly get to the one that's right for you. You can sort by nearest, soonest, and most popular in the list and search by location and keywords.

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We also have a desktop meeting finder for your convenience

Stay inspired with news, music, and videos

Checkout Addicaid news feed to inform you of the latest findings in addiction, stories, entertaining videos, and music to keep you leveled everyday.

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Addicaid isn't just for individuals. Our platform improves the recovery system at the highest level. See where you might fit in.

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Use Addicaid to manage patient intake and aftercare, improve outcomes and increase business with data insights.

Insurers & Employers

License Addicaid as a cost-reduction solution to more expensive alternatives. See which treatment tracks work best.

Independent Professionals

Become a part of our coaching program to help individuals a few minutes a day with personalized treatment.

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