We are a behavior change company thatcombats addiction with technology, tradition & community support.

Addiction is everyone’s problem

Together, we're fending off #1 cause of accidental death in the U.S.A.

What was once a quiet epidemic has quickly become the #1 national health emergency, with overdoses doubling since 2000, and now, addiction is the #1 cause of death in Americans under 50. Less than 10% of the 24 million Americans who need help ever get it, and we believe the first step is stigma-free education and access to addiction services.

Addicaid's A.I-driven addiction services ecosystem that streamlines the needs of people looking to help themselves or looking to help others with a personalized, ideologically frictionless recovery app paired with engagement solutions for any professional looking to enhance the delivery of care.

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Addicaid is anyone’s aid

Our technology-based programs are built to treat high-risk cases & teach the truth about addiction.

Addicaid's recovery app helps people dig through the root cause of their behavior no matter what bottom of why people don’t get help and don’t stay healthy and empower those who provide care with the best tools and technology to form strong, supportive networks and recovery routines.

If you got a problem, it's very likely that we are building a solution (with your help and input, of course.)

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Here's a sampling of slogans we use to stay away from the downward spiral of our unique blend of self-destruction.

here's some of our suggestions on how to stop this vicious cycle

do the steps or take the electric stairs

guard your life in groups

take care of your cpu

fill the void & clear your head

always be book worming

get zen, whatever works.

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