Introducing a whole new way to address addiction and recovery.

Our approach

We combine design, technology, social support, and behavioral science to create an engaging recovery program.

Has everything I need to get through the day. - Cameron Burgess
Fills a true need in my life and I'm happier having found it. - George Teaka
The best recovery app and fantastic resource! - Eleniamaria34
The best recovery meeting app! - Brian Laude
Helps so much with my opiate & cocaine addiction. - Ashlee Joanna
Just what I needed. - Chasincollins

Tools & skills you need to embrace a new life approach.

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Get to meetings

Make your meetings with our scheduler and directory.

Recovery toolbox

See and share the elements of a successful recovery.

Social support

Give and get support from a like-minded community.

Custom goals

Learn about how to achieve long-term success.

Progress tracking

Check in daily with usage patterns, urges, and emotions.


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Our approach

Helping people lead healthier, more meaningful lives powered by a unique, data-rich experience. Our analytics engine reveals important information regarding the larger trends, causes, & effects of addiction and recovery.

Empowering individuals to take charge of their recovery.

Skills for lasting behavior change in a moderated, peer-based support structure.

Manage population health, lower costs, and improve future outcomes.