On a mission to reduce the social costs of addiction by expanding treatment and innovating solutions.

The problem

Each year, more Americans are killed by addiction than AIDS & car accidents combined.

And it is only getting worse. Overdose fatalities have increased 175% the past 10 years.

Why so much struggle & so little success?

There’s a stigma that surrounds the very notion that you might have a problem and need some help. That’s because addiction is widely misunderstood as a black and white disease. People who would seek spectrum-based treatment get none at all because they resist the 12-step model based on abstinence, spirituality, and anonymity.

Treatment centers have zero accountability. They lack strict regulations and guidelines for measuring success rates. Many of them have yet to embrace cognitive models and still work the invalidated 12-step program.

Economic costs of addiction

$6bn Insurers
$700bn in total annual government costs.

Who are we?

Addicaid is developed by a team of recovering addicts, product designers &addiction experts.

Sam Frons

Founder, technologist & recoverer

Ryan Wilhelm

Co-founder, innovation & operations

Amine Romdhane

Engineering & analytics

Brie Wildau, LCSW

Behavioral health professional

Charlie Garland

Cognitive researcher & strategist

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