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Common Questions

We know how sensitive recovery can be due to the stigma. If you do choose to make an account on Addicaid, the only necessary information is a username, email, and password. We do not use any third party authentication such as facebook or twitter. All your information is securely encrypted with Addicaid. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
Addicaid's mission is to get more people into recovery and stay in recovery. We know that recovery is different for everyone. Addicaid caters to individuals’ disease backgrounds, goals, and personalities so they can feel satisfied and excited about their treatment program. Addiction is a spectrum disorder, not a “you have it or you don’t” disease and it must be treated as such. Our platform makes addiction recovery more accessible and effective with tools that provide people who struggle with addiction and dependence disorders skills for lasting recovery. Addicaid's personalized products cater to unique relationships with substance and process addictions. Here, you can find any support groups, connect with people like you, and stay inspired along the way. Find and rate meetings, track your progress, and connect with others and make your recovery exactly how you want it to be.
To do this, we realized that the currently predominant treatment method (the 80 year old 12-step program) is long overdue for reinvention. Community support is essential in recovery and that is why we provide an extensive meeting directory for newcomers as well as recovery veterans. But less than 5% of people maintain recovery with the 12-step model, so we introduced a method that allows people to set their own goals without following a strict, one-size-fits-all curriculum. According to recent examinations of treatment programs, many are rooted in outdated methods rather than newer, digital approaches shown in studies to be more effective in helping people achieve and maintain addiction-free lives.
While we do the best we can to provide accurate meeting data, we know there are issues. If you notice any errors for a meeting, please email us at and provide us with the correct information. For missing meetings, please direct us to a document or listing with the meetings so we can add them to our database.
We are working on a form so you can easily submit meetings through our website and app to facilitate this process.
We are currently only covering the United States. For international users, please provide us with any references and we will add them as soon as possible.
Addicaid Goals are designed to cater to a variety of disorders to help affirm and maintain your engagement in recovery. Staying motivated is no easy feat, but keeping a record of daily achievements makes it that much easier. We give you a prompt everyday that you can write or record how you will accomplish it.
After you submit your account's corresponding email address, you will receive an email with a Security Token. Click on the link in the email, enter the security token provided and your new password.
We are always looking to partner with individuals and organizations who share our mission. If you would like to help with meeting expansion, user adoption, social campaigns, or anything else, please email us.

Features Questions

Only you can see your profile. You have the option of adding your recovery date, age, gender, location, vices, and a written or audio summary about your recovery.
While you can browse goals, news, and meetings without an account, signing up allows you to use all the features. You can make goals, comment on other member's goals, save, comment, and check into meetings.
To write and/or record a goal response, click the 'Try It' button on the bottom. You can type your response or press the microphone to record it. If you would like to record a new response, click 'Record again'.
To comment or like another user's goal, click the 'like' or 'comment' icons below their response. They will then receive a notification.
To mention other users, type the '@' symbol and write their username. We currently do not support username autocomplete.
If Addicaid isn't able to find your current location, make sure you allow Addicaid GPS access in your phone's settings.
You can filter meetings by fellowship type, day, time, and location. Simply press the button on the sidebar or the three dots on the top right of the map page. If you would like to search for a certain keyword, go to 'meeting list' where you can also sort by nearest, soonest, and most popular.
You can use the meeting comment board to make announcements, ask for a ride, share your experiences, and communicate with other meeting goers. Check-ins are a way of showing that you've attended a meeting to measure its popularity. Tags are any general relevant details about a meeting. Add any tags if you notice something's missing.

Support Questions

After you submit your account's corresponding email address, you will receive an email with a Security Token. Click on the link in the email, enter the security token provided and your new password.
If you would like to delete your account, please email us at
We will add the ability to post personal updates and create your own goals in the next version. For now, if you would like to add an Addicaid goal, please contact us.
You can currently change all your profile information except for username and email address. Press 'EDIT' on the top right of your profile to modify any details about yourself.
If you notice any abusive members in the community, please email us their username and we will take proper measures to ensure Addicaid is a safe and supportive environment.

Healthcare Professionals Questions

We are building an EHR platform to facilitate treatment centers workflow management, care coordination, and patient engagement. Our solution can help provide actionable data insights, streamline the intake and billing process, and simplify counselors' tasks. We accommodate facilities of all sizes and are able to customize the platform so it's exactly what your business needs.
We offer extremely affordable rates for our professional services. Please email us detailing your needs and we will get back to you with a quote.
If you would like to test Addicaid with your patient population to see its effect on reducing retention rates, please email us and we will determine the best way to work together.
We would love to help increase your client base with our targeted audience. Please email us for more information.

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