Manage population health, lower costs, and improve future outcomes.

Working with us

We offer customizable solutions for patient management and follow up, predictive analytics, and automated protocols.

Reduce costs

Identify high-risk cases and connect patients to the right level of care.

Improve outcomes

Reduce recidivism by providing preventive and long-term care.

Automate protocols

Optimize utilization management processes & increase productivity.

All the ways we can collaborate

Addicaid is unique in its ability to solve challenges for the variety of players and patients in addiction. Beyond the support structures and routines for individuals, our management systems are invaluable to many different kinds of needs.


Reduce costs, Increase employee productivity and well-being.


Manage population health. reduce costs, and provide better treatment.


Improve outcomes and automate management and provide long-term care.


Automate drug court referral process and introduce recovery early on.


Quick & insightful answers to complex questions in an easy-to-understand visual format.


Reduce dropout rates and empower students to get the help they need.